Need Coffee or Candy?

The UMCOR Coffee Project is a United Methodist Committee on Relief Project. This program links congregations with small farmers and their families in Latin America, Africa, and Asia. UMCOR’S partner in this project, Equal Exchange, is an employee-owned fair trade organization. We have different kinds of coffee and candy bars for sale in the church office. Check out the available products - you'll like what you see and try!.

Battery Bucket - Recycle Responsibly

Now you can recycle your AA, AAAs, Cs, Ds and cell phone batteries in the Battery Bucket in the office. Recycling batteries sounded simple as in “take it to the transfer station”. But they may not be actually recycling there. Padnos will recycle your old batteries but asks a fee - Still, better than the landfill. Don't let old batteries collected at your house - recycle them so the materials can be reused or properly prepared for the landfill.

The Sovereign Lord will make righteousness and praise spring up before all nations.
Isaiah 61:11