Weekly Community Dinner (September - May)

Wednesdays, 4:30-6:00 p.m. All are welcome.

Next dinner to begin the season is Wednesday, September 4th.

Enjoy a hot, restaurant-style meal with us!  Everyone is welcome from 4:30 until 6:00 PM every Wednesday evening.  A full dinner starting with salad is served at your table. A hot, home-cooked dinner with meat, vegetables, bread, delicious home-made desert choices, and coffee, tea, or lemonade are on the menu.  Bring the family and enjoy conversation with others from the area!  As always, a donation would be appreciated and is optional.

"Last Spring we have completed 4 successful years of serving Community Dinner", and we're just very proud that we've served over 30,000 meals!", said Karen and Richard St. Denis.  "We've just started our 5th year and we hope you will join us!"  Congratulations and Hats Off to Karen and Richard for a job exceptionally well done and to all of the volunteer cooks, servers, greeters, dishwashers, desert makers, and helpers that diligently work each week to feed so many people and to create such a positive environment!

Who comes to Community Dinner?  Families and individuals who need a meal.  People looking for a night out of the house.  A lonely widower looking for an opportunity for conversation.  Bakers that volunteer deserts and stay for dinner after delivering their goodies.  The local cop on dinner break.  People who love to volunteer in service to others.  A single mom wanting healthy, dinner time interaction for her kids.  A single guy stopping for dinner on his way to a prayer meeting.  You!

Fellowship Hour

Grab a cup of coffee, a pastry, and enjoy the discussion that follows each of our services.  Hug old friends, shake a few hands, meet some new-comers, learn about coming activities.  And, of course, sign up to help set-up one Sunday.  The Fellowship Hour is a wonderful time for sharing life and joy with others!

Peace be to the whole community, and love with faith, from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ
Ephesians 6:23
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