Anointing may be of real help to you in times of ...

Physical Illness:  You may have received a disturbing diagnosis from your physician, or you have been battling a chronic or life-threatening illness.

Trauma:  You may be coping with the consequences of severe injuries or a loss of body function or a permanent handicap.

Surgery:  You may be facing the fear and anxiety of an operation with an uncertain prognosis.

Decisions:  You may be faced with making choices that will affect your job, your marriage, or your future that seem overwhelming.

Vulnerability:  You may be undertaking a new assignment or task, involving considerable risk to you and those whom you love.

Reconciliation:  You have just experienced a broken relationship that that has caused you much anguish and suffering.

Emotional Pain:  You have memories that arouse fear and guilt or are suffering from the loss of someone especially close to you.

Spiritual Renewal:  You want to be closer to God in a new way and find joy in renewing relationships with estranged Christian brothers and sisters.

In any one of these experiences the service of anointing can bring healing, forgiveness, peace, and a profound sense of God's enabling presence.

We conduct this service to encourage healing.




"Beloved ones, if God loved us so much, we ought to love one another also."
I John 4:11

Beloved ones, if God loved us so much, we ought to love one another also."    I John 4:11